1. Campo Grande

    Neo's creation and development center is located in the Capital of Brazilian Pantanal.
    Wich has one of the best quality of life in the planet.

  2. Br creation and US technology

    Neo is an American company established in Miami.

    ​With an originally Brazilian technology, it was established in the US to increase knowledge and partnerships with new technologies.

  3. Rio de Janeiro

    Neo idea's academid bases are anchored in Rio de Janeiro with the support of universities and educational foundations.

    Medical adviser

    Dr. Fiorelli is the head of the Department of General and Specialized Surgery and graduate director in medicine at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.
    He was chosen by Neo Idea Inc. to participate on the development and introduction of the new educational methodology in the medical area in Brazil.

  4. A Brazilian Company

    A Brazilian Company that seduced the world.
    Neo is part of the new group of creative  and bold professionals in Brazil. Its Commercial Center is located in the heart of São Paulo, one of the biggest and richest
    cities in the worls.